GUE Project Nuttlar 2013

It was 1878 in the Sauerland, Mid-Germany, when miners started tunnelling the first adit in a mountain, to get to the deposits of slate inside. For over 100 years the slatemine expanded its business and became famous all over the world for its good quality slate. But in 1985 the company suddenly had to close its doors.... continue reading

MCEP 2013 Project Report

This past December, MCEP and CINDAQ have again brought together GUE divers from 13 different countries to participate in the bi-annual Science and Survey Project along the Caribbean Coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This particular project concentrated on... continue reading

Lost Island Project: Summer 2014

The Lost Island Project will kick-off again in May 2014 with 22 weeks of exploration and research in the Aeolian Islands Archipelago.
Participation is open to GUE divers of Fundamentals and higher rating. Click the image to the right to learn more about the project or visit the Projects Page to view scheduled projects and to sign up!

Mystery of First Americans Solved

GUE Divers Alberto Nava and Susan Bird transport the Hoyo Negro skull to an underwater turntable so that it can be photographed in order to create a 3-D model.

Photo credit: Paul Nicklen/National Geographic

This amazing discovery will be featured in National Geographic magazine and on a National Geographic/NOVA special that will air on PBS in 2015.


2014 Canadian Invasion

We all have our reason(s) for finding our way to the water, for some it is a bucket list experience, for others it is a hobby to enjoy from time to time, and finally there are those it is a life changing part of who they are and it embeds into their DNA. I will admit I fall into this last category. This isn’t a review of one training program versus another, but how once a fear of... read more

Project Sardinia 2014

We are in Cala Gonone Bay, East Sardinia, where several underwater caves have already been explored and mapped by local and foreigner cave divers but with low work on scientific aspects; the elements that could help in understanding the evolution of these caves and how they have and continue to interact more

Divers Discover 2,000 Year Old Sacrificial Altar

Divers from the non-profit Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) discovered a 2,000 year old sacrificial altar while exploring an ancient wreck in 400 feet of water. The artifact is one of many unique discoveries that promise to help redefine what we understand about ancient trade routes and commerce in the third century B.C.

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GUE Project Rossarol 2014

From 19 to July 26, 2014,10 GUE Tech 1 and Tech 2 trained divers stayed in Krnica, Croatia to participate in GUE Project Rossarol 2014. During this week they tried to unravel the secrets of the Cesare Rossarol shipwreck. The idea of starting this project came from the discussion we had on board during one of the exploration weeks organized by Maurizio from Krnica Dive. After a fantastic dive on the Rossarol we decided to... Continue Reading

2015 Image of the Year

Congratulations to Stephane Paziente, whose photo was chosen for the 2015 GUE Image of the Year!

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